Available real estate

B2 Holding Kapital d.o.o. Beograd advertises through the portal DOBOŠ the following available real estate:

  • Family residential building and land in Belegiš – see ad
  • House with auxiliary and land in Subotica – see ad
  • Commercial real estate in Izvor – see ad
  • Mill in Zrenjanin – see ad
  • One-bedroom apartment in Zlatibor – see ad
  • Two-bedroom apartment in Novi Sad – see ad
  • Agricultural land Vladimirci – see ad
  • Agricultural land Korman – see ad
  • Business premises Niš – see ad
  • Two-bedroom apartment in Niš – see ad
  • Agricultural land in Inđija – see ad
  • Three-bedroom apartment in Belgrade – see ad

Please note that the mentioned real estate are subject of the sale in the enforcement process or owned by B2 Holding Kapital.

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