Norwegian model of cash and administrative management in BiH market

In March of 2018, in the beautiful ambience of the Sarajevo City Hall, and in the presence of numerous guests from the financial and banking sector, as well as members of the press, B2 Kapital was presented, which opened its office in Sarajevo in November and has already achieved the positive results in collection and management of receivables.

The guests at the Sarajevo City Hall were first welcomed by CEO of B2 Kapital in Bosnia and Hercegovina. After thanking the numerous guests, she said that she was looking forward to the future business cooperation and explained in more detail the operations and goal of the company she is managing. “B2 Kapital in the B&H market brings professional and efficient solutions when it comes to improving liquidity. It is well known that liquidity is one of the most significant problems of financial operations in BiH and B2 Kapital offers a wide range of services for the banking sector and other interested clients in order solve this problem.”

A special guest of the evening was the CEO of B2Holding ASA Olav Dalen Zahl, who stressed that he believes that the Norwegian model of providing full financial services in billing and claim management will have good results in BiH. This model was developed during the banking crisis in the Nordic countries in the 1990s and gave excellent results.


B2Holding ASA, was founded in November 2011 and the Group records a continuous trend of growth. Today, the Group operates in 22 countries in Europe and has open entities in Austria, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. B2Holding ASA coordinates its strategic activities with the nature of debt and individual analysis of the borrower’s ability. B2Holding ASA offers a wide range of financial solutions. Regardless of the method chosen, the most important principles in the work are to respect ethical and moral standards, protect reputation, partners and suppliers and respect the rights of debtors.

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