By transferring the claims of your debtors to B2 Holding Kapital you ensure swift collection, liquidity, no additional debt and positive and affirmative effect on your balance. We offer the repurchase of portfolios of overdue claims, write-offs and claims for which legal actions were already started.

Time is money! With us, you have both.

  • We provide you with immediate liquidity with favorable conditions
  • Free funds for new investments
  • Protect your reputation
  • With us you are able to fully direct to your core business, which frees up valuable financial, human resources, information and other resources
  • We achieve with your clients good cooperation, respect their financial options and find the best solution for both sides

We offer your clients following possibilities:

  • The new repayment plan
  • Flexible rates
  • Suspension of already ongoing legal proceedings
  • Discount on existing debt


Corporate Customers

How did my debt get assigned to B2 Holding Kapital?

Under Articles 436 – 445  of the Law of Contracts and Torts (“The Official Gazette of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia”, Nos. 29/78, 39/85, 45/89 – Constitutional Court Decision, and 57/89, “The Official Gazette of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia”, No. 31/93, and “The Official Gazette of Serbia and Montenegro”, No. 1/2003 – Constitutional Charter), hereinafter: „LCT“) and the Assignment Agreement, B2 Holding Kapital has become the title holder of mature outstanding receivables. As new creditor, B2 Holding Kapital has taken charge of the further debt collection procedure. According to the LCT, you should be informed of the assignment of receivables once a collection company takes over, however, your consent to the assignment is not necessary.

What repayment options can you offer?

When it comes to the payment of your debt, we aim to be flexible and adapt the payment as much as possible to your personal financial situation. If you are unable to pay the entire debt at once, we can agree on a payment plan. Furthermore, there is a possibility for partial debt write-off as part of your debt payment agreement. For more information about the options available for debt repayment please contact our call center at +381 11 44 09 601 or send us an e-mail at

Can my account be unfrozen if I comply with the agreed payment plan?

Any collateral previously activated and any enforcement documents will be canceled following the payment of the debt in connection with which they were issued.

How much time does it take to unfreeze my account once the debt has been repaid?

B2 Holding Kapital takes necessary action as soon as the debt has been paid and sends a request to unfreeze the account to the relevant institutions – banks which froze your account as your prior creditors. When it comes to further steps, we encourage you to be patient as these institutions do not have legal time limitations to take the required steps when it comes to unfreezing your account.

In the event the bank freezes my account, can my income legally protected from enforcement become subject to garnishment?

If your bank account is frozen, your income legally protected from enforcement may not be garnished.

What are the new costs and fees now that you have purchased the claims?

Once it purchases a claim, B2 Holding Kapital charges default interest. We do not assign any additional charges or fees to your debt.



An obligation of a natural or legal person (debtor) to pay something (usually money) to another person (creditor).

Transfer/assignment of claims

A claim is transferred or assigned from the current creditor (assignor) to a new creditor (assignee), while the debtor and the claim remain the same. An assignment may be done based on an agreement, law or court order.

Default legal interest

Legal or default interest is a sanction imposed against a debtor who is overdue with their payment obligation. The default interest rate is set by the law or other regulations. The creditor is entitled to default interest regardless of whether it sustained any damage as a result of debtor being in arrears.


A fee for the use of replaceable, movable assets — most often money — owned by others. The interest rate is expressed as a percentage and is deemed to be the price for the money or capital payable by the borrower or debtor for using the money, capital or other replaceable assets given to them.


The creditor is a party to a contractually binding arrangement authorized by the other party, i.e. debtor to demand surrender of assets, performance or non-performance of certain actions the debtor would normally be entitled to, or demand the debtor to give something up.

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